Saturday, 3 February 2018

Rebel Rebel

Some more old renewed trends, this jacket reminds me of Bane off of Batman 100%! I must say I'm digging the look and vibes it gives. You all know already I thrifted this bad boy for a whopping $5 from Value Village on one of their half off days. So to find something trendy for more then half the price I'm all for it, I'm sure these are around 30-50 dollars depending where you buy it new from. With it being a dark brown I decided to do all black with this look OF COURSE! All black everything everyday for this girl lol. (I may have a problem) The boots, can we just take a minute to drink them in? They're so comfortable and trendy, the fun shiny patent leather is very trendy right now and I found these bad boys online at Aldo for $60 on sale of course. I hope this inspires your inner bad ass Bane! Xoxo - Poitrina. <3

Jacket: VV $5 // Sweater: $10 H&M // Jeggings: $25 // Boots: Aldo $60 // Hat: Aldo $10

Sunday, 21 January 2018


Hello beautiful people! check out that hoarfrost, isn't it beautiful! it was all over our entire city with the gorgeous fog today. This is my most favourite part of winter and thats probably it lol. I thrifted this cute letterman style jacket from Value Village and I'm in love with it because it has my husbands favourite number on it and the colour is just so eye catching. This look is my take on the whole athleisure trend, somewhat casual and somewhat dressy. Decided to pair a bunch of red to tie it in with my fun thrift find. Keeping todays post short and simple because I have to stuff my face and snuggle our sweet pea, but I hope this inspires your thrift and your dressy casual self! Xoxo - Poitrina <3

Jacket: VV $10 // Sweater: H&M $10 // Flanel: Bluenotes: $15 // Jeans: Ardene $25 // Boots: Winners $40 // Beanie: Forever21 $5

Wednesday, 3 January 2018


New year new me.. jk its still the same old me, maybe with a twist. I'm excited to see what 2018 has in store for me and our growing little family. I plan to take our baby girl on a few trips around Canada, show her the backyard before she sees the world. My sister took these photos for me, it was freezing but worth it, we had some good laughs at the outtakes. Who knows maybe one day I'll show you guys the not so pretty side to taking photos lol. My look was inspired by god knows who or what, I kind of just threw it together, the pants are very trendy right now and beyond comfortable because of the stretchy waistband (still working on the baby weight) I found them on sale for $5 at Urban Planet. As for the sweater I thrifted this bad boy for $3, and this is coming back into trend, but I'm definitely not paying for the trendy price lol $3 vs $40 no thanks. Ok being honest here I did pay $60 for the coat, I'm obsessed with it and if I love it I gotta have it, Steve Madden is killing it in clothing design spectrum for suuuure! Well I hope this inspires your trendy side! Xoxo - Poitrina <3


Jacket: Winners $60 // Sweater: Valu Village $3 // Pants; Urban Planet $5 // Booties: CallItSpring $30 // Hat: Aldo $8