Wednesday, 3 January 2018


New year new me.. jk its still the same old me, maybe with a twist. I'm excited to see what 2018 has in store for me and our growing little family. I plan to take our baby girl on a few trips around Canada, show her the backyard before she sees the world. My sister took these photos for me, it was freezing but worth it, we had some good laughs at the outtakes. Who knows maybe one day I'll show you guys the not so pretty side to taking photos lol. My look was inspired by god knows who or what, I kind of just threw it together, the pants are very trendy right now and beyond comfortable because of the stretchy waistband (still working on the baby weight) I found them on sale for $5 at Urban Planet. As for the sweater I thrifted this bad boy for $3, and this is coming back into trend, but I'm definitely not paying for the trendy price lol $3 vs $40 no thanks. Ok being honest here I did pay $60 for the coat, I'm obsessed with it and if I love it I gotta have it, Steve Madden is killing it in clothing design spectrum for suuuure! Well I hope this inspires your trendy side! Xoxo - Poitrina <3


Jacket: Winners $60 // Sweater: Valu Village $3 // Pants; Urban Planet $5 // Booties: CallItSpring $30 // Hat: Aldo $8

Sunday, 10 December 2017


You all know my obsession for plaid is out of this world! If I had to choose one pattern this would probably be it lol. So lets talk about this jacket, I found this cute sherpa plaid jacket at Winners... in the PAJAMA section haha, I know your all probably like wtf? When I picked it up I thought maybe it was misplaced there because why would this be in there. Well, I was wrong it says sleep wear on the tag inside, I figured why not rock it as one, since I thought it was a jacket that it would obviously pass as one and it's definitely as warm as one when layered. The fabric its made of is so in right now, literally all the jackets and sweaters are being made with the sherpa style fabric. I honestly don't even know how to describe this look lol, it's a casual, chic relaxed look? Either way I love how it came together when I was scrambling to through this look together, I will say though my girl does inspire me! if your not already following her on the Gram do yourself a favour & hit follow @Rachsemag. I hope this inspires you to layer fun patterns and styles together! Xoxo - Poitrina.<3

Jacket/Pajamas: Winners $24 // Sweater: Champions/boat house $40 // Leggings: Urban Planet: $16 // Booties: Winners $29 // Shades: Aldo $10 // Beanie: Urban Outfitters $5

Thursday, 23 November 2017

Pink Sherpa

This jacket is everything, I'm obsessed with how fluffy and how pink it is! My girlfriend bought it and I just had to have it as well. This jacket is located at Urban Planet and they were having a sweet sale when I picked this and the cheetah print coat up for buy one get one for a penny, you know me and my deals. If I can get something thats trendy for a trendy price I'm all about it. With the pink I decided to keep my clothing palette lighter to compliment the pink coat. My knee high boots are my favourite pair and the beige colour goes so well with my outfit and the lighter colours I picked out. I would wear this outfit out shopping and hanging with my weirdo friends whom I love so much, I hope this inspires you to find fun colourful jackets to rock this season! Xoxo - Poitrina <3

Jacket: Urban Planet $60 // Sweater: Urban Planet $15 // Jeans: (can't remember) // Boots: Call It Spring: Gifted for winning best dressed // Beanie: Urban Planet $10 // Shades: Tonic $20 // Bag: Dynamite $20