Thursday, 26 March 2015

Just In

As many of you already know I absolutely love to bargain shop for the best deals, I come across some amazing sales every now and then. This one however was probably the best i've found in a long time! Two pairs of Steve Madden stilettos and a pair of chunky Guess sandals for the beautiful price of $88 all together. I couldn't believe how good of a deal I got, even the sale clerk was surprised when she processed my sale at the till. All of these heels were $100 and over at regular price, they were then reduced, then an additional 60% off of the reduced price. My beautiful shiny Steve Maddens came up to a whopping $20, the nude Steve Maddens were $35, the cute Guess sandals were $33. Now sure they were last seasons or what ever, but in my opinion, nothing goes out of style until you no longer personally love that particular piece or style anymore. Also all styles and trends are continuously being renewed or revamped in some way or another. I hope this inspires you to shop smart and save. Xoxo - Poitrina 

All found at The Bay in Midtown. <3

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