Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Cheetah Print + Stripes.

Hey Dolls! I hope your ready for some crazy prints? lately i've noticed a ton of people mixing their prints, it's funky and fresh. I did it in an older post but instead of stripes I used army print and cheetah print.The shirt was an awesome sale item as well as my skirt because every women loves a good sale. I was inspired to do this look from Instagram, ever since I started my page on there i've bin inspired to do so many things. For example starting my fashion blog to inspire all my beautiful followers. The shoes I bought just a few days before the shoot at a damage discount because there was a little scratch on the inner side of one the heels and this was the last one in my size, I couldn't bare to leave them behind. I was wearing all neutral colours and we all know that neutral tones go good with gold, plus my shoes have gold studs on them so my gold accessories compliments them very well. I hope this inspires you.<3 Xoxo - Poitrina 

Shirt: Suzy Shier, $14
Skirt: Platos Closet, $8
Clutch: Bentley, $15
Heels: H&M, $40
Earrings/Ring: Aldo, $20
Bracelets: Suzy Shier, $1.98

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