Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Night Life

Hello Dolls, a few weeks ago I went out with a friend to take some photos of how our city looked a night so I thought I would attempt some night time photos of what I wore for the blog. Now a few of them didn't turn out the way i'd hoped because I have to invest in a better flash, but I hope you like them. I decided to wear something a little more bad girl chic, my shirt has gold studs on them so of course I had to accessories in gold detailing from my jewelry to my shoes. Since I was going for a more chic look I wanted to keep the look more feminine by wearing my dainty heels. My pleather skirt gives this entire look that bad girl vibe I was going for. The gold studded belt adds to my shirt and helps pull the entire look together. I hope this Inspires you.<3 Xoxo - Poitrina 

Shirt: $17, Forever21
Skirt: $9, WalMart
Belt: $10, Bryans
Shoes: 2 for $15, Adrenes


  1. Love blac&white outfits:)
    please visit me in free time:)