Thursday, 30 July 2015

Lace Ups

Hi loves, is it just me or does certain singers bring out your inner bad ass? I was totally inspired by Rihanna's new song BBHMM, it's seriously been on replay at my house and on my phone. I know a ton of people think the video is really crazy but I personally didn't have a huge problem, its just a video not like she's actually out there killing people lol. After I watched it I wanted to put on crazy mismatched items and throw on the craziest boots I own and you know what thats exactly what I did. I was mixing some weird print combos again and I actually love the way they came together, I don't think it was overbearing because I was wearing a ton of neutral colours so the pop of green wasn't overwhelming. Moving along to the boots because I have had non stop questions about them since I got them, I recently popped my Lolashoetique cherry and I found these bad boys for a decent price and couldn't pass them up for another second. I've bin dying to get my hands on a pair since I came across a picture of Kylie Jenner rocking them with her long denim shirt, I know everyones on edge about these crazy beautiful women but you have to admit they have some killer style. I hope my inner bad ass inspires you to be just as bad. Xoxo - Poitrina <3

Jacket: Thirfted $6 // T-shirt: Urban Planet $5 // Shorts: Urban Planet $10 // Boots: Lolashoetique $100 // Bag: Call It Spring $15 // Necklace: Ebay $10 // Sunglasses: Gucci/Gift 

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