Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Faux Septum

So i'm totally obsessing over the faux septum piercing lately! I am in love with this trend, i'm sure its been done before like everything else in the fashion world and I know the real piercings have been around for thousands of years, but I just can't get over how beautiful and fun it can be. I found all these amazing pictures via Google or Pinterest, and i'm obsessing over how high fashion or chill it can be all in one. Since I came across one on Ebay I can't get enough, I have about 5 different styles now and i'm searching for more new fun ones! And I now it can be permanent but I feel it's a huge commitment I don't think i'm just ready for that yet, i'm sure thats why theres so many amazing faux ones, so you can get the benefit of the piercing without the pain and long term commitment. I mean if you have the real one thats awesome because you were brave enough to handle the pain and responsiblility. I love that these are quick to just slip on or off depending on the mood. Everyones doing it from ladies to gents to celebs, i've fallen for the fun new faux piercing. I hope this inspires you to step out of your comfort zone to try something new. Xoxo - Poitrina <3

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