Friday, 9 October 2015

Little bit of This & That.

Hi beautiful people, I just want to let you know I haven't completely fell off the face of blogging earth/life I just currently have a ton of stuff on my plate. So don't tell anyone but i'm cheating on my homework with the blog for you guys, I just need a breather from homework and wedding planning to share with you my amazing pieces I found recently. I'm going to start with this jacket, how amazing is this jacket? When I saw it I couldn't put it down I was instantly drawn to it. How can you not pay attention to plaid and faux fur? It's seriously one of my favourite finds of fall 2015, I found it at a local store called Tonic it's located on 2nd ave and right off Broadway. If you haven't visited it yet trust me you need to, seriously best place for key pieces for any wardrobes. My girl Roxanne hooked me up, seriously such a nice women, every time i'm in there and I see her she always has something nice to say. Nothing but good vibes, the service is amazing the ladies help you find everything you're looking for and more, so thank you girls, your awesome! If you don't live here don't worry you can also purchase this amazing jacket online at and even if your not in love with it like I am i'm sure they have something you'll love more. My second fall favs are these boots, i'm sure you've already seen them but I'm in love and won't shut up until everyone see's them or owns a pair lol. I found them at Lolashoetique. I seriously don't even know if I want to label this look, it's a mixture of lumberjack, hipster, boho, fancy fashionista lol. When I get dressed or inspired I usually throw on all my favourite things in my closet and just make them work together, I usually try to make it work with the deco on lets say my boots the little hardware is gold and it works with my gold shades and necklace and bag, and the plaid goes with the burnt orange shirt because they're in the same colour family, and you just can't go wrong with black ever, it will always work, either way I hope in it inspires your to shop local and invest in amazing key pieces to spice up your wardrobe life. Xoxo - Poitrina <3

Jacket: Tonic $150 // Boots: Lolashoetique $100 // Jeans: Urban Planet $10 // Shirt: Urban Planet $4 // Necklace: Urban Planet $3 // Sunglasses: Gift from my Uncle D // Hat: Thrifted $1 // Bag: Winners $25

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