Friday, 22 January 2016

Modern Vintage

Hello my lovely followers, as usual its bin ages again I know. My wedding is fast approaching and school is slamming me with home work so I'm lucky if I even get to sleep these days lol. So about a couple months ago I won a contest in my work place called best dressed. My coworker and I had entered last season but didn't win, so when we found out I won this round we were both ecstatic! To be recognized as a style ambassador within the company is kind of a big deal! I work at Call It Spring hence why I'm always rocking their foot wear in most posts. They were so kind to gift me with some swag and a gift card, I was allowed to choose a pair of shoes and an accessory. So I picked out these over the knee boots and this chic handbag. The contest runs for three weeks and they chose different styles you can pick to dress up in, I mainly rocked polished punk this round. So when they asked me to shoot with the items I picked for the upcoming style guide coming out this February, i'm pretty stoked to be featured in a magazine across the world (or Canada, can't remember, either way its awesome) I decided to dress in something different, I picked Modern Vintage. I was digging the old school vibes with a chic twist. I feel like you can never go wrong with a button up blouse and pretty gems. I found this cute knitted skirt that screamed old school to me. The boots give it a gogo girl touch taking us back to the 1960s. I hope this inspires you. Xoxo - Poitrina <3

Jacket: Suzy Shier $30 // Blouse: Suzy Shier $10 // Skirt: Urban Planet $6 // Bag: Call It Spring, Gift // Shoes: Call It Spring, Gift // Toque: Urban Planet $6 // Necklace: Ebay $8

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