Thursday, 14 July 2016


We just returned from Mexico for our honeymoon, it was blazing hot and beautiful. I'm beyond tanned and a little exhausted because we were there for two weeks straight. Everyone we met was extremely nice and so much fun, we've made many friends on this trip who we hope to meet again in the future. My favourite part of this other then everything was exploring Tulum with my husband. It was beautiful, the old ruins were breath taking, I loved every hot minute of it. Just being able to stare at what was left of the buildings and wondering how it used to look when it was flourishing with the people and culture thousands of years ago, learning about how they used the calendar and the way they used honey to heal many things. How each building was a house and the way it was built showed how wealthy they were, how the holy priests were only aloud to live in the temple, the way they sacrificed different people for different things. Some were cruel and some were volunteers, learning about another cultural background is interesting to me. Also can't forget the beach just below it all where they traded their goods from people who crossed the seas, the beach was breath taking.enjoy I was captivated by it all and would love to visit the other ruins eventually, here are some snaps me and my husband captured on our adventure there, I hope you enjoy them.. Xoxo - Poitrina <3

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