Sunday, 27 July 2014

I'm So Fancy

I was on the hunt for a floor length kimono for a couple weeks, I even asked my best friends to let me know if they come across any on they're shopping trips, thanks by the way besties. After searching high and low for what felt like forever I finally found this beauty sitting in the sale section of Urban Planet in Midtown Plaza. It was in one of those amazing sales they always have where you buy three or four things for the price of 10-15 dollars, I mean come on really!!! How can you resist such a sweet deal? You basically get four things for the price of one. Since the sun was finally shining and it was super hot out, I wanted to throw on something simply chic that would keep me cool and fancy. If I were to attend a sweet yacht party this is something I would rock on board. Even though I don't live any where near an ocean lol. I hope this inspires you Fashionistas. <3 Xoxo - Poitrina 

Hat: Wal Mart, $5.
Dress: Urban Planet, $22.
Kimono: Urban Planet, 3-$15.
High Heels: Aldo
Clutch: Winners
Bracelet: Garage Sale, $1.
Shades: Unknown.

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