Thursday, 13 August 2015


I found this sweet crop top on Sheinside Official and instantly fell in love, it's so comfortable and the floral print makes it a ton of fun. I know its a cheap knock off of the amazing brand Prada but in this universe and century I'm definitely to cheap, and also currently saving for my wedding so i'm unable to save for such real brands marked at real prices lol. I decided I wanted to add in some more funky prints, I figured the stripped dress would do the trick. With the floral pattern I felt like it was super feminine and wanted to dress it up a little by wearing this structured skirt. I could see myself wearing this outfit out to fun events such as ladies night or at night of movies, seriously I would even wear this grocery shopping. The beauty of fashion is you can wear what ever you want where ever you want, I love that you can express who you are and how you feel through it. I hope this inspires you to dress up fancy for no reason and to mix fun prints. <3 Xoxo - Poitrina

Crop Top: Sheinside $11 // Skirt: Bryans $20 // Clutch:Thrifted $1 // Shoes: Forever21 $30 // Necklace: Dynamite $8

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