Thursday, 9 May 2013

Pretty In Pink.

Hello lovelies, to be honest the last time I probably wore this much pink was when my mother used to dress me. Now I have nothing against pink at all, but I never pictured myself wearing this much all at once. I received a ton of funny stares, but trust me those are the best stares because it isn't what people expect, which means your being original and your killing it. Fashion is all about what you make of it, and how comfortable you feel in it. Plus I felt like wearing bright spring colours like pinks and pastels. I'm so over all the dark grunge colours, not that I have anything against them either, it's just wearing them for six months straight is a tad to long. Which is why i'm pretty sure I was supposed to be born in California or something (lol). I decided on a blazer and a loose top, and my awesome pair of floral jeans I couldn't resist buying when I found them, I had to tie the look together a little more so I wore white heels to match my shirt.  I hope this inspires you.<3 Xoxo - Poitrina

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