Saturday, 11 May 2013


Hello lovelies, This was my Friday attire, I went for dinner with my boyfriend and father in-law. Just a relaxing night with loved ones. Lately I've bin so caught up in my life I miss dressing up and being able to do my blog every second day or so, since its getting nicer out i'll be posting a ton of new stuff more often. I felt like dressing a little bada** but still look very feminine. My sweet and loving boyfriend bought me this amazing tiger shirt I love so much, the back is sheer and see through, so its very sexy (but not to sexy lol). Since its summer I plan on wearing a ton of colour which is why I picked these teal trousers I bought ages ago. I decided on a pleather jacket with studs to toughen the sweet girl look, which is also why I decided to play with my studded hat, they went together so well. Seeing as I was wearing a tiger shirt I had to incorporate some cheetah print in there some where (of course) so I wore my cute cheetah print stilettos and cheetah print sunnies. Since there were pops of colours on the shirt I decided on a bright neon necklace and hot pink lips. I hope this inspires you.<3 Xoxo - Poitrina

Jacket: $15, 2nd hand store on Facebook
Shirt: $13, Winners
Pants: $5, Urban Planet
Shoes: $8, Guess, Thrifted
Clutch: $5, Thrifted
Sunnies: $10, Aldo
Necklace: $12, WalMart

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