Friday, 15 August 2014

Farmers Field

Since all my blogposts consist of skirts and dresses lately I decided to incorporate a summer look with some high waisted denim to mix things up. I will say it was probably the worst day to style jeans because it was plus 35 with humidity, all my clothes were sticking to me like after wearing latex gloves for to long lol. Either way I was inspired to do something fun and different, once again my inner urban boho/hippie made an appearance to the blog. Since summers flourishing with beautiful colours every where I wanted to contrast with mother nature and stand out against her beauty. I found these cute light washed jeans in the sale section for $7, since I don't own any in this colour I figured why not, can't go wrong for that price right? I hope this inspires you fashionistas. Xoxo - Poitrina

How beautiful are these horses? Such gentle animals. :)

Hat: Walmart, $5.
Blouse: Forever21, $23.
Jeans: Urban Planet, $7.
Wedges: Urban Planet, $8.