Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Katy Perry Concert.

As many of you saw on my Instagram page my little sister and I were asked by the representative of CoverGirl to attend the Katy Perry Prismatic Tour show in Saskatoon on behalf of CoverGirl. I was in shock at first but more then ecstatic to accept the offer, how often does something this amazing come along in life? So my little sister and I picked out our outfits all night, making sure we were Katy Perry worthy, because she's the queen of fun and funky fashion. We even made a late-night trip to the store to pick up some CoverGirl products to wear to her show. We were aiming for over the top chic, we wanted to stand out in the crowd. I figured my feather skirt screamed look at me! My sister wanted to dress more funky and relaxed. I hope this inspires you for your future concerts. Thanks again CoverGirl for the amazing experience and a huge thank you to Procrastinatingpretty on Instagram for finding me<3 Xoxo - Poitrina

Katy Perry's even more stunning in person, I know crazy! she's also very funny and kind, it was a fun night, so happy I got to share it with my best friend/sister.<3

Lipstick: CoverGirl, $6 - Hot Passion // NailPolish: CoverGirl, $6 - Red-Dy and Willing // Feather Skirt: SheInside, $50. // Red Dress: Platos Closet, $12. // Jacket: Costa Blanca, $20. // Studded Heels: Forever 21, $50. // Clutch: Aldo, $19. // Hat: Thrifted, $1. // Twisted Shirt: Costa Blanca, $10. // Pleather Leggings: Urban Planet, $5. // Fuchsia Heels: Steve Madden, Thrifted $13. //


  1. Loved what you wore babe!! It was definitely katy perry worthy. You all looked so gorg!

    1. Thanks for the feed back, really appreciate it, love your looks, so adorbs.<3 ;)