Saturday, 23 February 2013

Friday Night Lights

This past friday was an over due ladies night out, a bunch of my girlfriends and I dolled up and went to a local club called Tequilas where we danced the night away. I decided to go all out and whipped out my black and gold sequin shorts i've bin dying to wear. Ever since I picked  them up on boxing day, i've bin waiting for the perfect night to rock them, I found these amazing shorts at Urban Planet in Midtown (The only good mall we own) for $5, seriously can't go wrong for $5. I paired it with my long sheer button up shirt I bought at Urban Planet in Confederation mall for $5 as well. And of course I had to throw some tights which costed me $5 so I didn't feel completely naked, plus it was minus -21 but felt like -33. The black bow booties were a gift from my mother from a year ago (she always surprises me with the ultimate gifts). Threw on some black and gold accessories to match the black and gold sequins on my shorts which tied it together perfectly. To top it off I wore my black and gold military inspired jacket I bought for $10 at Urban Planet in confederation, hope this inspires you.<3 - Poitrina

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