Friday, 22 February 2013

Geek Turned Chic

I’m going to start my first blog with one of my favourite outfit of the day. I went on a random shopping spree (which is all the time) to some of my favourite stores in my city (Saskatoon) which doesn’t own any H&M’s or Forever21′s I know how do we live. But some of my favourite stores here are Urban Planet, Bootlegger, Laundry, Winners (You seriously always leave a winner) which brings me to where I found these cute pieces for really cheap. The skirt is from Urban Plant, it only costed me $10. The geek sweater I found at winners for about $27 which isn’t to bad since i’m going to wear it religiously. I think they work perfectly together because of the black accents in both items, I paired it with an old bib necklace from another shirt I own, and since its winter where I live, I don’t dare leave my house without at least pairing it with some tights. Last but not least I added my cute beige wedges I bought from Urban Behaviour in Edmonton from my last trip for $10, so I guess you can say I do love a bargain. My whole outfit costed me $45,which in all honesty doesn’t look that inexpensive, I hope this inspires you.<3 - Poitrina 

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