Saturday, 23 February 2013


Hey loves, I just wanted to do a short and sweet post on why I love thrifting. Everyones doing it, I've bin thrift shopping with my mom since I was a little girl, i've always loved it and I always will. You always find unique one of a kind items that no one else will have, and its nice knowing its as original as you are. I picked up both these blazers just a couple days ago for super cheap, the black one is from H&M and probably costed from $30-$50 because they carry good quality clothing and brands, I only paid $10 it's comfortable and chic, it was a very good find. The white blazer was $7 and it doesn't have a brand name or any tags, so it makes it even more unique to me.

Now I didn't thrift these bottom two pieces, they were gifts, the blue and purple one was from my Auntie and the gold and multi toned one was from my Mother. We found this great small 2nd hand store downtown that we visit religiously, and they found these two unique and beautiful pieces. I decided to store my jeweller in them, to give my walk in closet a more feminine and unique touch to it.

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