Saturday, 9 March 2013

Canadian EH!

I'm just going to say other then the horrible winters we have to endure, I truly love being a Canadian (I have nothing against other countries) i'm just one thankful Canadian. Today's weather is -13 but feels like -31 with the windchill, to be honest it feels like it's -50, no one wants to go any where today because it's just so cold. So I decided that layers were needed to keep warm today, the first layer is my red plaid shirt I bought a few years ago for super cheap and plaid is something that will never go out of style and looks good with just about everything. I then layered this amazing sweater my sister found at value village on one of our visits there a couple weeks ago, I love it so much and its super warm for days like today and I only paid like $6 for it. I wore my black jeggings, and my brown booties I bought a couple years ago for $20 from Urban Planet. For accessories I wore my rhinestone statement necklace I bought for $2 and my aviators were a gift from my dad, and the DGK shades are my boyfriends I borrowed for a few minutes lol. I hope I inspired you.<3 - Poitrina

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