Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Burgundy Bliss

Hey loves, today was my baby nieces 1st birthday, my does time fly. I decided to dress for comfort since I was going to be stuffing my face with all the great food. An over sized shirt is a must especially if your going to be bloated from all the goodies. So I threw on my awesome oversized burgundy bat shirt I got from Wal-Mart for $11, it's so comfy and has a shimmery effect to it. I'm not a picky shopper if I see something I like i'll buy it, because it's not always about high end brand names "Feel good wearing it buy it." (thats my motto). The pants are army green jeggings I bought for $5 from Urban Planet in Midtown mall, they are so comfy and cute, so you'll be seeing them a lot. My longer necklace my little sister bought me on one of our shopping sprees for like $2 and the statement necklace I bought from the second hand store for $5 and i'm in love with both pieces. My big bangle is from Aldo and my ring is from Liquidation world, I wore my booties for warmth and comfort and because these colours work so well together. I hope this inspires you.<3 - Poitrina

Monday, 25 February 2013

Bitter Sweet

My cat's the best photo bomber I know.

But he's so cute I can't be mad at him.<3

Ever since I seen a post of someone wearing camo on instagram I was in love with camo all over again. It's made it's way back into the fashion world but more improved, jewelled, studded and paired with leather, talk about great combinations and updates. I've bin on a hunt for one for some time when finally my boyfriend and I went shopping at another one of my favourite stores in Saskatoon called Divine located on Broadway, they sell vintage pieces, new items, and amazing chucks. Thats where I found my new staple piece, now I must patiently wait until summer to wear it everyday because it's to thin to keep me warm. I decided to keep it more simple because I wanted the focus on my jacket that my sweet heart bought for me for $6 (thanks babe). I paired it with some black jeggings I bought for $20 from Urban Behaviour in Edmonton, my oversized grey shirt I bought for $5 from Bluenotes in Midtown before they closed, my $3 blue scarf I love, a black cross chain and some brown booties I bought a couple years ago from Stitches. I hope this inspires you. - Poitrina<3

Sunday, 24 February 2013

Pastels On Pastels

Lately i've noticed tons of pastels every where I go shopping, so for today's inspiration I decided to wear pastels on pastels which is seen every where on the runways lately. I'm in love with the way they work together, I think it has a very feminine touch to it. This past summer I bought this cute mint shirt for about $12 from stitches in Lloyd Minster while we were passing through (currently obsessed with the colour mint and turquoise). The pastel pink pants I also bought this past summer from Urban PLanet for $12 (seen in other ootd's) which I thought was a pretty good deal, seeing as I wear them a lot. Now I know I live in a colder climate and i'd be insane wearing these platforms in dead winter, but I couldn't picture this outfit with boots or anything else. I also added some gold accessories because they worked well with what I was wearing, I had some pink pastel rings and a bracelet, and the peter pan statement necklace made it more chic. I hope this inspires you.<3 - Poitrina

Printed Jeggings

 How I style my printed jeggings the first time I wore them.<3

Hey Loves, I decided to do a quick post about my outfit today. Printed pants and leggings are huge right now, I've worn these pants before with an older ootd, but it looks entirely different from then as you can see from my pictures. The jeggings were $10 I bought them off Saskatoon 2nd hand store on Facebook, I love them they're jeggings so they're super comfy. The over sized sweater was also $10 I bought it at Sirens when they had this huge $10 sale, I think it originally retailed at about $20. My sweet sneaker wedges were $30 from Suzy Shier. My beanie was $2 from Blue Notes, and my cropped pleather jacket was $20 from Costa Blanca. I made the feather necklace a while ago, and my bangles are mixed and matched as always, I hope this inspires you.<3

Saturday, 23 February 2013


Hey loves, I just wanted to do a short and sweet post on why I love thrifting. Everyones doing it, I've bin thrift shopping with my mom since I was a little girl, i've always loved it and I always will. You always find unique one of a kind items that no one else will have, and its nice knowing its as original as you are. I picked up both these blazers just a couple days ago for super cheap, the black one is from H&M and probably costed from $30-$50 because they carry good quality clothing and brands, I only paid $10 it's comfortable and chic, it was a very good find. The white blazer was $7 and it doesn't have a brand name or any tags, so it makes it even more unique to me.

Now I didn't thrift these bottom two pieces, they were gifts, the blue and purple one was from my Auntie and the gold and multi toned one was from my Mother. We found this great small 2nd hand store downtown that we visit religiously, and they found these two unique and beautiful pieces. I decided to store my jeweller in them, to give my walk in closet a more feminine and unique touch to it.

Friday Night Lights

This past friday was an over due ladies night out, a bunch of my girlfriends and I dolled up and went to a local club called Tequilas where we danced the night away. I decided to go all out and whipped out my black and gold sequin shorts i've bin dying to wear. Ever since I picked  them up on boxing day, i've bin waiting for the perfect night to rock them, I found these amazing shorts at Urban Planet in Midtown (The only good mall we own) for $5, seriously can't go wrong for $5. I paired it with my long sheer button up shirt I bought at Urban Planet in Confederation mall for $5 as well. And of course I had to throw some tights which costed me $5 so I didn't feel completely naked, plus it was minus -21 but felt like -33. The black bow booties were a gift from my mother from a year ago (she always surprises me with the ultimate gifts). Threw on some black and gold accessories to match the black and gold sequins on my shorts which tied it together perfectly. To top it off I wore my black and gold military inspired jacket I bought for $10 at Urban Planet in confederation, hope this inspires you.<3 - Poitrina

Friday, 22 February 2013

Geek Turned Chic

I’m going to start my first blog with one of my favourite outfit of the day. I went on a random shopping spree (which is all the time) to some of my favourite stores in my city (Saskatoon) which doesn’t own any H&M’s or Forever21′s I know how do we live. But some of my favourite stores here are Urban Planet, Bootlegger, Laundry, Winners (You seriously always leave a winner) which brings me to where I found these cute pieces for really cheap. The skirt is from Urban Plant, it only costed me $10. The geek sweater I found at winners for about $27 which isn’t to bad since i’m going to wear it religiously. I think they work perfectly together because of the black accents in both items, I paired it with an old bib necklace from another shirt I own, and since its winter where I live, I don’t dare leave my house without at least pairing it with some tights. Last but not least I added my cute beige wedges I bought from Urban Behaviour in Edmonton from my last trip for $10, so I guess you can say I do love a bargain. My whole outfit costed me $45,which in all honesty doesn’t look that inexpensive, I hope this inspires you.<3 - Poitrina