Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Little Miss Priss

Hey lovelies, sorry for the long period of absence but i'm back with a new and girly post. I love the super feminine yet bad girl vibe to an outfit, and throughout photos you will see how I make my sweet and innocent look, look a little more tough. Lately i'm all about the sweet tutu's and faux leather jackets to spice it up, nothings sweeter and sexier then mixing it all up into one. Please don't forget to show some love to the amazing photographer sweetmoonphotography. I hope this inspires you.<3 Xo - Poitrina

 (my son Lynxie is an attention seeker and has to be centre of attention LOL)

Sequin Shirt: $4, Urban Behaviour
White Tutu: $10, Urban Planet
Opaque Tights: $5, Urban Planet
Shoes: Gift from my Mother
Crop Faux Leather Jacket: $20, Costa Blanca

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Fashion Metamorphosis

Hey dolls, for todays post I wanted to share how to add little changes to outfits, even if it's just one or two different pieces of clothing it can make your outfit look entirely new. The first few photos are of an outfit I already posted, but the photos following are the changes I made to make new outfits by changing my shoes or a shirt and adding accessories. Also please don't forget to show some love to the amazing photographer behind the camera sweetmoonphotography. I hope this inspires you.<3 Xo - Poitrina

 This outfit was already posted.
In this outfit change, I switched my shoes from the black sneaker wedges to my brown moccasins, my black crop faux leather jacket to my green army jacket, and I added my favourite shades and beige knitted scarf.

 In this outfit change I switched my over sized white sweater for my black high low shier shirt, for my outer wear I switched my green army jacket for my forrest green faux leather vest, for accessories I added my grey knitted beanie and a gold necklace. 

White Sweater: $10, Sirens
Feather Necklace: I made it
Crop Faux Leather Jacket: $20, Costa Blanca
Printed Jeggings: $10, Online 2nd hand store
Sneaker Wedges: $30, Suzy Shier
Army Jacket: $50, H&M
Knitted Scarf: $10, Urban Planet
Moccasins: Christmas Gift
Grey Beanie: $2, BlueNotes
Shades: $8, Urban Planet
Black Shier Shirt: $5, Urban Planet
Forrest Green Faux Leather Vest: $13, Winners
Gold Necklace: Gift

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Mixing Prints

Hey lovelies, a few weeks ago I had the opportunity to work with an amazing and inspiring photographer from my city sweetmoonphotography. I met Tenille when she purchased a couple pairs of my feather earrings from me a while ago, she asked if I can be one of her creative pieces for her photography using my fashion (I was more then thrilled and agreed of course). She was very outgoing and a ton of fun, we had a lot of good laughs. I enjoyed being photographed, but I must say it was a lot of work, towards the end I was a sweaty mess from running around changing little details for these outfits i'll be posting over the next few days. I hope you enjoy these photos as much as I enjoyed having them taken, and please check out her sweet photography page, show some love. I hope this inspires you.<3 Xo - Poitrina

The biggest trend this summer is mixing prints, I decided to be super bold and daring by mixing army print and cheetah print, it's probably one of my new favourite combo's. 

Scarf: $15
Camo: $6, Divine
Shades: $8, Urban Planet
Sweater: $12, Suzy Shier
Pants: $5, Urban Planet
Wedges: $30, Sirens

Saturday, 9 March 2013

Dusty Rose

Hey Dolls, I just wanted to do a quick blog about my Saturday outfit. I'm so over winter, which is why i'm wearing spring colours today. I know winters all about dark colours, but now that the sun has returned and is staying longer each day I can't help but want to wear brighter clothes. I'm off for an over due dinner date and flick with some of my girlfriends I haven't hung out with in ages, I hope everyones Saturday is filled with tons of happiness and love and I hope this inspires you.<3 Xo -Poitrina

Blazer: $29, Forever21
Shier Shirt: $5, Urban Planet
White Pants: $15, Urban Planet
Beige Booties: $50, Le Chateau 

Canadian EH!

I'm just going to say other then the horrible winters we have to endure, I truly love being a Canadian (I have nothing against other countries) i'm just one thankful Canadian. Today's weather is -13 but feels like -31 with the windchill, to be honest it feels like it's -50, no one wants to go any where today because it's just so cold. So I decided that layers were needed to keep warm today, the first layer is my red plaid shirt I bought a few years ago for super cheap and plaid is something that will never go out of style and looks good with just about everything. I then layered this amazing sweater my sister found at value village on one of our visits there a couple weeks ago, I love it so much and its super warm for days like today and I only paid like $6 for it. I wore my black jeggings, and my brown booties I bought a couple years ago for $20 from Urban Planet. For accessories I wore my rhinestone statement necklace I bought for $2 and my aviators were a gift from my dad, and the DGK shades are my boyfriends I borrowed for a few minutes lol. I hope I inspired you.<3 - Poitrina

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Electric Blue

Hey lovelies, I know it's only Tuesday but I had this outfit stuck in my head for a couple days and I was dying to share it with you, do you ever get great outfit ideas stuck in your head? or ideas that you make up while getting ready and then when you go to try it on and it's not what you pictured at all? (lol). trust me your not alone, i've had tons of days and nights like that and will probably have more. As the sun stays longer and longer each day I patiently wait and prepare for spring, I've lived in Canada my whole life but I don't think i'll ever get used to winter. It was a bit chilly out while taking these photos but I toughed it out like a true Canadian (lol). I hope this inspires you.<3 Xo - Poitrina 

Blazer - Winners, $30
Detailed Button Up - Urban Planet, $3
Faux Leather Skirt - Wal-Mart, $9 (I know, best find there)
Tights - Urban Planet, $5
Heels - Sirens, $20

Sunday, 3 March 2013


Hey loves, even though its sunday I decided I wanted to dress up a little because I stayed in all weekend and went a little crazy at the gym, so I didn't have any where to dress up for, thats why today I wanted to look a little girly (lol), plus I have a dinner and a movie to attend too this evening. Any who, I picked up this sweater this past Friday and i'm in LOVE (even though I love everything I buy lol). I really adore this leopard sweater its so comfortable and it was super cheap (plus graphic prints of animals faces are huge right now), I only paid $15, I found it at Urban Planet in Midtown Plaza. The huge gold earrings that weigh 5 pounds each are from Aldo and I think I paid only $5, so they were a good find. The gold ring is also from Aldo it was $5 on sale, the heart bracelet was a gift from my amazing Mother. The wedged booties were from Sirens, I paid $30 for them, as you can probably tell i've worn them A LOT (lol). I hope this inspires you.<3 - Poitrina